Hello Darlings

Summer is a holiday time for most, but what to do for those who doesn’t get a chance to escape? Past couple weeks in UK has been really nice and warm which inspired me to think about ways of bringing holiday to your own home.  One of simple ways to feel like you wake up in a hotel room is to refresh your bedroom.

Here I am showing few examples of bedrooms which can take you to exotic Thai or Caribbean holidays at least for couple hours. What is around these rooms that create this mood?

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First of all – Sun

Rooms feel airy and sunny, so open up your blinds and windows, let this Summer breeze to get into your bedroom and sunshines to play on your floors and walls. How relaxing would it be to have some time and read a book while you are sitting in a sunshine in your own bedroom?! Sun gives warmth, lifts our mood and gives us vitamin D!

Natural materials

There is no authenticity in spaces which has imitations of certain materials. Do not hide the original nature of your wooden bed frame (the older the better). Do not forget natural fibres bed sheets. These can be linen, cotton or even luxurious silk, as long as they represent your vision of relaxing dreamy holiday bedroom. They can have creased linen effect, have beige or vibrant colours and patterns – anything that goes with theme you have for your holidays.

Exotic patterns

Refresh your bedroom with some exotic patterned cushions, bed linen, carpets or a bed throw. Something that would scream to you – it’s Summer and wildlife outside! This could be animal, tribal or herbal print. Bed usually takes up the most space in a room so accent bed linen or a throw will have huge impact on overall mood of a room.

Colour scheme

I personally suggest to choose natural shades which can be found in the nature. It is all beige, brown and green accents. These colours are calming and we feel the best when surrounded by them. If you would look at the best resort hotels (or main image of this post) they all offer really natural environments and usually has outdoors incorporated into interior. Use this idea and get yourself a nice plant to bring more life into the room as well as something that purifies the air. Do not to forget water it though!

Holiday sounds

This topic is personal for everyone but there are few options on how to bring holiday mood into your bedroom by using music. No matter if you work and only can enjoy the weekends or your lifestyle allows you to have a Monday off you can always play either ethnical music, nature sounds or your favourite Summer tunes. Anything that works for you. Youtube is full for playlists created for these occasions. See how you feel and what makes you to relax – lounge, nature or pop music.

Treats for your skin

Quite feminine advice would be to place your skin care, favourite perfume and other small pieces you admire on display and use as a treat for yourself. This creates an illusion of complimentary hotel treats we all love so much. Having your favourite products in a reach of a hand makes your life easier and this display can be easily changed by adding new products or little treats. It does help if products are natural, holiday edition or something that you would only use on a special occasions. Pamper yourself. Don’t we all just love skincare products which are natural and have amazing smell which takes us to new places or brings treasured memories.

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Lets not forget our nose

For full experience it is really important to tackle all senses, vision, hearing, touch and smell. It is hard to think you are on holiday if you don’t smell anything different from everyday life. Treat yourself with an aromatherapy. See what is appropriate for your dream holidays and try to purchase what could be the best fit. It might be Eastern scents, coconut candles or flowery oils. There are so many different options!

Do not be afraid to experiment and create your own holiday bedroom that will last you all Summer and you can feel pampered even if you are stuck at home. Your days off could be as relaxing and zen as days spent on the other side of the world. Just adopt at least few of my advices, grab yourself a holiday book and do not forget to turn off your phone at least for an afternoon, so you could recharge for a new, challenging week.


Always yours