My name is Lina Stasaityte and I am starting this blog as a platform to express my honest opinion about interiors, furniture, philosophie behind interiors and many other things connected to interiors and our wellbeing.

First of all I would like you know a bit more about me and my journey to becoming an interior designer. This is not my CV its not detailed story about my work experiences it is something I believe tells you about me more as a personality and expresses my love and passion for interior design.

Talking about how i see Interior design – to me it is about people. My initial question when starting to design is who and how will use the space and not as usually we get to hear about furniture, cushions, curtains and fabrics… It is a delicate thought process of how we feel in a room, how we will behave and how we want to feel in the space. In my opinion indoors we must feel good, comfortable, inspired and motivated. But enough of my tantra about interior principles.

I hope this blog will be a happy place for everyone who is interested in interiors, are doing their homes or just wants to refresh their room. I hope to touch all of the fields and talk you through styles, inspirations, wellbeing and give advices on various fields when creating or maintaining your home.

So thank you and I hope to see you here again!